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The Top 100 Books To Read On Amazon Kindle Unlimited: The Best Ebooks To Read For Free

Books are the best way to travel to new worlds, live vicariously through other people’s lives, and build empathy. They also happen to be one of the most popular pastimes around the world. And with so many books available today, it can be hard to know which ones are worth reading. But don’t worry—we’ve read them all and compiled a list of our favorites for you! The 100 best ebooks on Amazon Kindle Unlimited are guaranteed to give you hours of entertainment.

Section 1: Best ebooks to read for free

These first 100 books are the perfect introduction to Kindle Unlimited’s wide range of offerings. Here you’ll find everything from hard-hitting sci-fi thrillers to fascinating historical biographies, the genre-bending experimental fiction of Octavia Butler, and irresistible tales of friendship, love, and transformation. And all of them are FREE! Download the titles below to get started.

Section 2: Free titles available with Kindle Unlimited

Of course, there are some free books in there, too. The ten books below are the most popular to be available through Kindle Unlimited. Pick a title from the list, and you’ll be able to read it with a single click.

List of the 100 best ebooks on Amazon Kindle Unlimited


The list is compiled from Amazon’s Best Sellers and Newest Releases of 2017, which include all top sellers from Amazon.com, and New and Noteworthy, which includes a selection of books that have been surprising hits on the Kindle, Audible and audiobook market.

Approximately 1000 hours of reading was considered, although we recommend you avoid reading any books more than 200-400 pages because there are already some biggies on this list.

As always, all titles are written by native English speakers and are thus suitable for most readers. We’ve also taken our time to look at the Kindles which have helped transform reading into a pastime with true cross-generational appeal.

Section 3.1: Best books for women

Best books for women are the ones you actually want to read, instead of following other people’s recommendations. These books are ones you can spend at least one hour per night with. They’re the books you finish before turning off your Kindle or iPad. They’re the ones you spend hours scrolling through your social media feeds or blogs, just thinking about the ideas behind them. They’re books that make you think about the world differently after you read them. These are the books that change you.


Best books for men

1. Citizen of the World by Jennifer Savage (Young Adult)

New to Amazon Unlimited? Start here. Jennifer Savage’s debut novel charts the journey of a 16-year-old Nigerian girl named Aisha whose mother abandons her in Cincinnati and then vanishes forever. What follows is a moving tale about accepting differences and the very real evils of human trafficking, from a book that made our list of the top 100 best ebooks to read on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Available for: Kindle

2. The Forgotten Gate by Kenneth Oppel (Middle Grade)

Kenneth Oppel is not only a successful young adult author (Tigana, YA fantasy, comes out in April 2017), but he’s also a perennial favorite for tweens and young teens.

Books that are great for both men and women

10 Book You Should Read in 2016

The Fireman by Joe Hill

A chilling, deeply affecting novel that explores the cycles of violence that lurk within every human heart. Joe Hill’s latest novel is not one to be missed. It’s a slow-burn experience and one that will leave you and your readers reflecting long after you put the Kindle down. Click here to buy.

6 New Books Every Horror Fan Should Read in 2016

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

There was a time when the words Gone Girl made me want to curl up and sob into my pillow. The book is filled with anxiety-inducing twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A must-read for lovers of dark, twisty fiction. Click here to buy.


So, there you have it—our top 100 picks for ebooks to read on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Which ones did we include on our list? To see our top picks from the original list of books to read on Kindle Unlimited, click here! We hope you enjoy our top 100 picks.

By Sujeet Kini. Learn how to write for Quartz Ideas. We welcome your comments at https://bookpdf.online/.

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