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3 Best Free Ebook Tools That Will Save You Time and Ensure the Success of Your Project

However, if you’ve ever tried to do  so on your own, you know how time-consuming  it can be, not to mention confusing. You’ll  find that it takes some serious research and  learning on the platform of your choice to  get the hang of creating an ebook for yourself  or for your business. That’s why we created this helpful guide on  the 3 best free ebook creation tools out there  that will save you time and ensure the success of your project.  We cover how each tool works and what they offer  so that you can choose the one that’s best for  your needs and budget.

Section 1: What is an ebook?

Section 2: Using an ebook tool  Section 3: The Costs  Method 2: Using Amazon’s CreateSpace  By Eric Reiner  What is an ebook?  Amazon’s CreateSpace eBooks are designed to be self-publishable. And as such, you have to use a special format to make an e-book. That format is .epub, .mobi, and .pdf. For a quick overview of what each one does, read our article on ebooks.  How can I self-publish an ebook using Amazon’s CreateSpace?  Once you download the CreateSpace software and start uploading your files, you’re now in business. You’re in charge of the design and design process is now in your hands. Once you’ve uploaded the files, you can view the ebook cover, change the content, and make changes to the formatting before submitting.  What tools do I need to create an e-book?  1.

3 Best Free eBook Creation Tools

#1, Epub2Me is a free ebook creator  powered by HTML5 and designed to be flexible to  customize.  It supports Multi-Title Publishing, multiple  writer styles, multi-device publishing and up to 8  hrs of editing (with optional updates).  Simply publish your book for free to Kindle,  Tutum, Smashwords, Xerxes, Smashwords Premium and  Project Gutenberg!  Epub2Me is free and fast. Get started by doing  5 min. demo download and then sign up for  a free account. You can publish to Kindle,  Tutum, Smashwords, Xerxes, Smashwords Premium and  Project Gutenberg.  #2, Letepub  Letepub is an easy-to-use publishing  tools to create and publish an ebook.

E-Book Builder

E-Book Builder is one of the simplest ebook creation tools  you’ll find. You’ll have a choice of pre-made templates  and can then customize them to your own needs. It’s  easy to read through and customize as you wish.  You can build a book in just a few minutes, with  the minimum input you’ll need to make it happen is  an ISBN or your author name.   In one hour, you’ll have an ebook that you can share  with your subscribers and customers. You’ll also be able to  link it back to your website and invite them to subscribe to  your email newsletter.  You can create an e-book and distribute it on several different  repositories.  PDF Creator  PDF Creator is the easiest of the e-book creation tools  to use, and it has a free version that’s very  robust.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an amazing tool that   can help you get the job done. And if you  are a beginner or  more advanced user, Microsoft Word can be a  perfect choice.  Create an Ebook With Microsoft Word  Like most other  software tools  available,  Microsoft Word  can be used for many  featured  projects  , such as creating an  ebook,  but also  doing research,  marketing   , and  calculating taxes.  In this guide, we’ll  have you create your own ebook using Microsoft  Word  , and learn  how to navigate the entire process from start to finish.  Microsoft Word’s  three biggest benefits:  Word has an easy-to-use interface that  puts all the necessary functions at your fingertips.


CreateSpace is the  world’s largest self-publishing company.  As the name implies, they are one of  the leading providers of print on demand e-books,  book covers, and ISBNs. They offer a complete  and very cost-effective solution that costs you  nothing. CreateSpace offers almost all the  tools that you’ll need to design your own book,  with the exception of fonts and drawings.  This tool comes with one caveat   that any paid plan you purchase must have  all of the popular ebook tools.  However, if you want to be able to use some  basic fonts and basic artwork, this is the  best option.

How to choose the right tool for you

Regardless of how you want to make your book, there  are many different ways to go about  doing it. From websites and  coding software to pdf-ready ebook format creation  and self-publishing on Kindle and Smashwords,  there are a number of options available.  We’ve sorted out the best tools to make your ebook, based on your needs, to make the process a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.  How to choose a web-based tool  In our opinion, it is best to create an ebook in a web-based  tool rather than a desktop-based one.  For the following reasons:   It allows you to post in various social  networking sites   It allows you to share the link  You can test it for free, for 30 days  This tool is simple and user-friendly. Just login to your account and start editing.


As you know, with the popularity of the ebook  and how accessible it is becoming, most of us are probably  using one now. But with all of the opportunities that come  with it, you need to make sure that your   ebook is of the highest quality. Not only will you  gain a better understanding of the  ability to help you and your audience in the long  term, but you’ll also learn a great deal about your  own skills and how to improve them.  For more information, click here.  We hope that the info provided on this page  will help you in the creation of your  own ebook.  Hemi Nicole is an international writer and blogger who enjoys  working on both her personal and business projects,  blogging, and keeping a close eye on social  media.

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