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Where To Find The Best Bookstore In Your Area: Where To Buy Books

One of the best places to spend time is in a bookstore. There’s something about the aroma of books and the sound of pages turning that can’t be replicated. It’s like a whole new world, and one that we’re happy to explore. One of the most important things you should consider when picking your next favorite bookstore is what type of books you enjoy reading. Fiction or non-fiction? Romance, horror, or science fiction? Mystery or thriller? If you want some help deciding which type of bookstores are perfect for you, read on!

Section 1: Know your genre

If you like mysteries or thrillers, check out your local mystery bookstore. They have a lot of variety in what they sell, so they’ll be able to offer you something new, exciting, and different. For you, this could mean a lovely new suspense novel that perfectly fits the genres you like to read.  If you prefer romances or historical fiction, look for a local romance or historical fiction bookshop. They have so much variety in the books they carry, and will be happy to offer you the perfect romance novel.  If you prefer science fiction or fantasy, there are a lot of local science fiction and fantasy bookstores you can browse through.  For you, this means they’ll be able to offer you a great selection of science fiction novels and a cozy cozy setting to read them in.

Find a bookstore that sells your genre

When choosing your next favorite bookstore, the first thing you should consider is whether or not they have the kind of books you enjoy. We’re not going to suggest you do a Google search to see if they do well in your niche, because that will only lead you down the wrong path. Instead, look on the store’s website to see if they have a page specifically for that genre.  For example, if you’re into mysteries, then you’ll want to look for a bookstore that specializes in mystery novels. If romance is your thing, you’ll want to look for a bookstore that specializes in romance novels. Once you’ve narrowed it down to one store, try and pick up a couple of books from that bookstore. If they like the books you like, you may find yourself returning frequently to the bookstore.

What stores have a variety of books?

The Old Library Bookstore: The Old Library Bookstore is a fantastic shop located in East Vancouver, British Columbia. Although it does not have the huge selection of most stores on this list, it does have a huge amount of books, which they curate. The layout of the store is also perfect, as there are tables and chairs for you to sit down and browse and drink a cup of coffee or tea, which is recommended to those of us that are unable to read Braille. Although this store doesn’t have a huge selection of a wide range of books, it definitely does a good job and is the type of shop that is perfect for the individual. This is the perfect place to pick up a vintage YA book and a copy of Ira Levin’s The Girls.

Bookstores with cafes

One of the best booksstores to visit is The King’s English Bookshop, which is a renowned independent store based in Richmond, British Columbia. The King’s English Bookshop is one of the few bookstores that sells only used books. It also offers a tea room for when you’re enjoying a cup of tea and getting lost in a book.  The heart of the store is the love story between one of the founders, Sharon Speller, and the founder of the store, Wensleydale Seib, which explains why the cafe, Coffee Loft, is located right by the front door. It’s also one of the most well-known bookstores in the country.  Bookstores with classes  There are tons of different bookstores that offer classes and workshops.

Bookstores with an emphasis on children’s literature

Borders Bookstore  The bookstores that cater to readers of young children are usually larger stores than those that cater to the older reader. They often have more staff members working in them, and they often have their own children’s section.  Bookcrafter  The newest kid’s bookstore, Bookcrafter, opened in late 2015.  It is a family-friendly bookstore that hosts events like storytime, author visits, story times, outdoor playtimes and party invitations. The store offers an in-store summer reading club, birthday parties, and free read-a-thons. Bookcrafter also offers generous discounts for children and their families.  Several retailers, including Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, have been known to accept Read With Me dollars as payment.

Children’s bookstores for kids of all ages

Children’s bookstores in the U.S. tend to serve children from preschool age to older teens. They may also have a section geared toward homeschooling families.  Where To Find The Best Children’s Bookstore In Your Area: Where To Buy Books  Huckberry is a family-owned bookstore in Los Angeles and Vancouver, with a focus on children’s books. The store has its own publishing house, which books are sold at reasonable prices and usually come in easy-to-read designs. They also stock a wide range of activity books and curricula for preschool, grade school, and homeschooling families. The bookstore also hosts author events at regular intervals.

Kids’ bookstores for older readers

BookEnds  When BookEnds first opened in May 2012, they specialized in children’s books. In June 2014, though, they added a “Cozy” section, with a selection of paperbacks, gift books, and children’s graphic novels. On top of that, they also carry some board games and stationery. All that and a great coffee and pastry menu!  BookEnds is a great place to go for kids with a strong concentration on science and technology. Their different sections are kid-friendly, featuring space-themed books, little league sports games, and fun engineering concepts. You’ll also find

entertaining paper crafts that even kids with little interest in reading can do.  BookEnds: A good place to go if you’re into science books for kids


We hope that by reading this article, you’ll be able to find the perfect bookstores for you! We recommend that you explore different bookstores in your area so that you can pick the one that you’re most comfortable with. This will ensure that your next excursion into bookland will be a rewarding one!  To receive stories like this straight to your inbox every morning, sign up for the E-version of the AFRO Today newsletter.      With every trip to the bookstore, you are bound to find certain items in the store that you just couldn’t live without. On your next visit, why not read a book that you see on a shelf? Or, you might try a new genre that you’ve never read before? If this sounds appealing to you, read on.

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