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How to Write a Book in 24 Hours: A Step-by-Step Guide for Busy People

Who doesn’t want to write a book? It’s a dream for many people. But,  they have no idea where to start. They know that it will take months  and maybe years before they can finally hold the finished product in  their hands. I don’t blame them for being discouraged. Writing a book  is hard work and it takes time. After all, writing a book is not something  you do in 24 hours!  On the other hand, if you follow this free ebook, you can be finished  in less than 24 hours (some will take even less). This ebook covers  all the basics of writing a book and includes helpful tips on how to  get your book published. Plus, there are over 100 pages of step-by- step instructions

Section 1: Introduction

In this section, you will learn the main things you need to  know about writing a book, including the legal requirements, where to  start, how to write a book proposal, how to research your topic, and  how to write a manuscript. Section 2: Your Work Space  The topic of this section will be the one question you probably   haven’t asked yet: what are you going to do with the finished manuscript  after you finish it? And, here is a hint, it is not sitting on  your computer while you wait for the publisher to send you a contract.  The answer is that most books are sold to  publishers, other writers, or libraries.  If you decide to sell your book on  Amazon (or anywhere else) you will need to compile the files and do the necessary  purchasing and uploading.

What is a book and why do we write one?

A book is a written work of literature that is designed to be  read by people.  It is not meant to be memorized or for students to share. It  is not meant to be edited. Writing a book is the easy part of writing   a book!  But, there are many more reasons to write a book. Some people simply like  writing a book and others are looking to make a living selling  books. Other reasons include:   Publishing a book gives you the opportunity to become a “ brand  name ” in your field, even if it’s just for a short time.    You may receive a substantial royalty on your books.    You may be the most brilliant person in your field.    You may be the youngest author in the world.    You may be the most gifted artist in the world.    You may have a rich history you want to share with the world.

Why you should write a book

If you are a busy person with a million things to do every day,  how do you think you’ll ever have time to write a book? Well, here’s the  short answer: you don’t. In fact, when you start writing a book, it won’t be the  best thing you’ve ever written. This ebook will show you how to write a book  that’s both comprehensive and short, on topic and easy to read. In  doing this, you will also come up with a unique concept that could be worth   considering publishing your book and making a huge chunk of money.  Key Features  – You can download this ebook for free.

Writing a book in 24 hours

“You’ll have a draft in 24 hours, your book published by the  next day, and you’ll know exactly where to go to get it published  soon after that. It’s that easy. It’s that easy!” – from Publishing in 24 Hours, by  Shelly Roney, Steve Roney, & Brad Anderson  https://www.amazon.com/Publishing-in-24-Hours-Steps-Guide-Create-Author-ebook/dp/B00INPPCB0  ***FREE DOWNLOAD ***” Shelly Roney is a marketing strategist who has authored several books  On Writing  and selling. Shelly is also an accomplished speaker.  And now she’s sharing her “24-hour book-writing guide” that includes 100+ pages of  step-by-step instruction, helpful tips, and advice on how to get your book published.  For example, Shelly writes:  “This book is intended to get your book published in 24 hours.

Simple steps to follow

to help you follow through and complete your book. This ebook is truly an “all-  in-one” guide to help you write and publish your first book.  The Author  Christopher John Cashman is a writer, educator, and professional  mastermind who specializes in creating breakthroughs in the lives of others. Chris has  created over a dozen books and online courses for his  books include: 1,000 hours of productivity, Intuitive Strategies for Rapid Growth,  and Proven Strategies for Overcoming and Overcoming Procrastination.  Chris has been called “the leading authority on managing and growing successful  and creative people.” His books have been translated into Spanish and  German. He has been featured in several magazines, websites, and radio  programs and is a sought-after speaker.

Write down your ideas for the book

Set up the scene and characters  Discuss what you want the book to accomplish  Write your introduction  Choose your title  Develop your outline  Draft your manuscript  Hang out in the revision process  This ebook is a great resource for anyone who wants to write a  book.  Author: William A. Schulz  Title: Write Your Book in 24 Hours: A Step-by-Step Guide for Busy People  Best Sellers Rank : #2 Paid in Kindle Store  Link Download Complete : https://bookpdf.online/  More reads : About Us :  Lulu Mansoleh is a blogger at Amazon and a senior editor at Groupon. She holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Start writing your introduction

Continue writing your introduction   It’s time to see what other authors have written.  Develop a good niche for your book   Is your book relevant?  Determine whether you want it as a book or eBook.  For example, maybe you just want it as an ebook.  But, what if you’re a writer who wants to write a book for an  introspective purpose?  At some point, you will want to compile the material  you’ve written into a book for sale.  It’s a good idea to decide the purpose of your

book early  on.  Is your book for your career, or just for your personal life?  Decide your topic, but be open to any ideas  that come up.  I know that it can seem daunting to have a topic  no matter what. But, it’s important to know what your  proposition is before you begin.

Write down your chapter titles and start with the first one

To help you write your book in 24 hours (or less!),  you will need a pen or pencil, a notepad, or anything else that  allows you to write. Print this list and stick it on your computer  or next to your desk so that you’ll never forget it!  Chapter One  Grab a pen and just start writing. Don’t worry about any  big plans or any deep thoughts that you have. The main  concern is to write enough words to make a chapter, and that  will take you a few minutes. If you’re worried about writing too  much, you can always take some time to think before you type.  At the very least, make sure that you write enough to make your  chapter a chapter.  Give the reader something to remember by creating a memorable  syllable or phrase. Be specific. Don’t just say, “I  am working on a book.

Keep writing

One of the keys to writing a book is dedication. If you are serious  about completing your project, then you will find a way to get the  finishing touches done. The ebook you receive in this offer can get you on  your way to completion !!!!  This special offer will run until April 21, 2012. The link will go live  today at 12 noon PDT/3 pm EDT.  Cheers,  Randy  Snohomish, WA  27 April, 2012  a Rafflecopter giveaway  Thank you to Mystery House, Scholastic and Entangled Publishing for the giveaway. Please contact me if you have any questions.  read for  Word Count – Total Estimated Word Count (May 2012)  Please consider a review or giveaway for this book on one of the main online book review sites.

Edit and proofread

Don’t give up!

Besides, you get a free Kindle copy of the ebook.  Here is the link. (Book available on Amazon.)  Step 1. Brainstorm  Brainstorming is the process of coming up with ideas  that you can use to write your book. The main ideas to consider are  what you want to write about and how to market your book. You should also  be thinking about other projects you want to write about  and  how you can write a book that people would want to read. This is the  first step of brainstorming.  Tip: This ebook has tons of ideas and guides to help you  create your book ideas.  Step 2. Brainstorm Ideas  There are thousands of books about how to write a book. If you  are trying to write a book in less than 24 hours, you will probably  want to use some of those ideas.


In this short post, I’ve given you a little bit of a peek into my book. If  you don’t have time to read the whole thing, but just want the basic  finishing steps, this is the ebook for you. It’s packed with useful  information, all of which you can complete in just 24 hours.  Along with this eBook, I’m also giving away a copy of my full book on  creating a brand new ebook. It includes 70 pages of tips and examples  and is only $5.00! If you want a copy of it, please just  like my Facebook author page and leave me a comment below.  Also, you can get the free version of the ebook below. It contains  24 pages and covers everything you need to know about writing a book.  Click here to download it free!  David J.

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