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The Best Ebook Libraries: 8 Places to Download Free Ebooks

No matter how many books you own, there will always be some that you want to read but don’t have. You can go to the library and hope that they have it or buy it from a website, but there are also a few websites where you can download free ebooks. They range from reputable sites like Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks to lesser known sites like Mobipocket and E-Books Directory. The following is a list of the best ebook libraries for downloading free books.

Section 1: The best ebook libraries

1. Google Play  The Google Play store is home to thousands of free books for readers all around the world. There are a lot of books from your favorite authors, and some that you may not know. You can check out the store by searching Google Play Books, or visit it directly from your Android or iOS device. If you’re looking to download a free e-book, try searching the store for the phrase “free ebooks.” Most of the time, you’ll be given the option to download.  2. Project Gutenberg  Also known as “the world’s largest collection of free books,” Project Gutenberg is a great place to find the books you want to read. You can find both printed and ebooks on their site.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has over one million ebooks available, which includes everything from classics like Huckleberry Finn and The Golden Compass, to popular modern titles like Life of Pi and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Feedbooks  Feedbooks has over 200,000 ebooks available, and the majority of them are available in three different formats: ePub, PDF and Kindle. The website boasts that “Thousands of the best books ever published, including Moby Dick and The Gospel According to Saint Matthew,” are available to download and read online.  Creative Commons  Creative Commons offers a huge amount of free ebooks, including non-commercial titles, for free download and read online. According to its website, “You have no obligation to buy the books we distribute.


Saving and reading more than 17 million ebooks in the U.S., Feedbooks is the largest ebook library on the net. This is because it is hosted on three separate servers and you can select the one that you would like to use. Feedbooks is a great place to find titles that you need as most of them are public domain and have been scanned.  However, there are some books that Feedbooks doesn’t have, and these are broken down by genre. They also don’t have a huge library so don’t expect to find everything you want here. However, the amount of books you can download is great.  Each book is arranged by genre. Some books can be downloaded for free if you are using an E-reader device.


Mobipocket is a website that houses over 18,000 free ebooks in various categories. The ebooks range from non-fiction to kids to cooking to psychology and a little bit of everything in between. The largest section of the site is the Fiction category and contains over 12,000 free ebooks in various categories.  Of course, Mobipocket isn’t just a list of free ebooks. As I mentioned in my post on page fiction, Mobipocket offers a subscription service that allows you to have unlimited free access to the site’s vast database of ebooks. If you are interested in taking advantage of this, you can sign up for a free subscription to Mobipocket, though you do have to pay a monthly fee for the site.

E-Books Directory

E-Books Directory provides a repository for more than 700,000 ebooks from numerous publishers such as Project Gutenberg. For more than 100 years, it has been providing a platform for text and multimedia literature. E-Books Directory has been growing its user base steadily every year, currently having more than 2.5 million active users on its site.  Users can either search for free ebooks or browse the database and find a specific ebook title. The website is also a recommended site for discovering non-English language books that have been translated into English. With the entire e-book database available for free, you can download one ebook and even many more without spending a penny. All you need to do is visit the website, log in, and search for a specific book or keyword.

Free Ebook Central

This site is run by the Library of Congress. They have over two million ebooks available to read and download for free. They have everything from textbooks and texts to classics like Alice in Wonderland, and there are even some audio books.  All of these ebooks are completely legal, and you can also find most of the books in our collection in the same place. You can also download individual chapters for when you have a few spare minutes. There are a lot of styles available and you can search by author, title, subject, or keywords.  The Free Library of Congress  This site is also run by the Library of Congress, and they have over two million ebooks available to read and download for free.


This ebook library boasts over 3 million ebooks. Most of the books are categorized by their theme and that makes the site a great place for finding some new titles. If you do a search for a particular theme or topic you’ll find a wide variety of books.  The site also features free books for Android, iOS, and Windows. You can get access to these by downloading the BookRix app on your device. Some of the books are free but the majority cost a couple of bucks each. You can preview most of the books before you download, though, and in some cases you can even request a refund.  No Limit Ebooks  This library features a huge variety of books, most of which are free. Books are divided into categories like mystery, history, fiction, romance, poetry, biographies, and even fantasy.


Calibre is the best ebook library. It has a very professional look and feels and is loaded with a ton of great features, including software for creating ebooks, transferring your files, and publishing them, as well as a large database of ebooks. In addition, it has a comprehensive print-on-demand program so that you can get a ready-to-print ebooks for your own use.  Audible  Audible is a cloud-based voice-recognition service that offers more than 35,000 licensed books to download as audiobooks or listened to online. There are also thousands of free and paid audio books, with a large selection of audiobooks from renowned authors as well as many under-recognized authors who have written award-winning books. The features of the software are impressive, and the interface is easy to navigate.

Free eBooks Download Center

This is one of the most popular ebook libraries on the internet. It has nearly 50,000 titles to choose from, all available for free as an ebook or for purchase. You can also use the search function to find anything else you might be interested in.  ShortOfTheBook: eBook To Go  This is a great library if you want to download free romance novels, mysteries, or something of that nature. It also has a lot of poetry and free fantasy books if you’re looking to expand your horizons.  TorFree Books  TorFree Books has over 24,000 ebooks and counting. With over 4,000 free books to download, you’ll never run out of reading material.  PayPal Books  If you use PayPal, you can access the PayPal Books and Manuscripts Library. It’s a massive resource for books, which you can use as you see fit.

Thousands of free eBooks

You can find some of the best ebooks on Project Gutenberg. It is an incredible collection of texts that have been downloaded and made available by hundreds of volunteers. There are thousands of classics and books that you will recognize, but there are also thousands of other titles that you may not know about. Some of these books have never been published before or have been made into famous movies. You can download them from Project Gutenberg and any other reputable ebooks library.  Longstanding, respected website  If you are a member of the library or you buy an e-book from the site, you are probably a very dedicated customer. Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest ebook libraries.

Find your next read with this app

Ebook Library 1. Ebook Public Library  Ebook Library is a one-stop portal where you can download ebooks for free. It includes all sorts of popular titles as well as classics from the 80s. Their site also has some nifty features like filtering to include only DRM-free books, download times, comments and reviews, and they even have handy sections like Bookstore Index to make sure you get the best ebooks from the best bookstores.  Books  Find thousands of free ebooks and you will be amazed by how easy it is to use. All you have to do is browse by author, genre or tags to browse by. Click on the categories and books you want and you will get pages from each and every category.

A great way to find new books to download

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using the E-book Library at EBook Library.  It allows you to search for different types of books.  It has a variety of books, including different formats.  It has free and premium options.  There are no additional costs to the user.  You can see the books you want to download in the table of contents.  One thing that people look for when looking for books to download is what are called “variants.” These are the different versions that the book has.  iPad v1.2 PDF v4.9 DvD (ePUB, Mobi, AZW, PRC, HBX, TXT, FB2, CBZ, HTML, ODT, PDB, FB2, IBT, LIT, EPJ, RBK, IEB, IPP, DPX, CRM, RBK, RDX, ASF, CBZ, DEX, PDB, PDB, RPF, CBZ, FB2, and FBX)  One thing that people look for when looking for books to download is what are called “variants.

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For those who have no idea what book downloading is, most websites have sections where you can download free books for your Kindle e-reader or iPhone. Also, there is a section where you can download free e-books for Android phones and tablets.  Project Gutenberg was the first site to introduce a free e-book library in 1995. They have over 31,000 books available. You can download e-books to your Kindle, iPod Touch, iPad, computer, or mobile device. It’s a great site for people with older e-readers.  If you are looking to get your hands on more academic texts, Feedbooks has thousands of classic, recent, and other books in PDF, OCR, HTML, RTF, ODT, and ODS formats for free. The only thing you need to do is to fill out a form or provide a referral code to get started.

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