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How Libby Helps Readers Get The Audiobooks They Want Without Paying

Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies.  I do it for pleasure, for work, or to clear my mind.  But recently, I’ve found myself reading less and less.  With all the distractions in our world, it’s hard to  focus on just one thing — even something as enjoyable  as reading a book. The beauty of audiobooks is that they are safe from all  of the outside distractions of the internet. You can  listen to them while you’re doing household chores,  working out at the gym, cooking dinner, etc. So I  decided to join Libby and create my own audiobook  library that I could enjoy wherever life takes me!  Read on to learn how you can join me in this new  digital reading journey!<<END

Section 1: How to get audiobooks for free

This section introduces the concept of how to get the audiobooks you want for free.  We’ll start with one of the most popular options: Libby.  NOTE: Libby currently does not provide downloadable audiobooks. You can only download the app to your phone. There is no word yet on whether Libby will implement downloadable audiobooks in the near future.  The LIBBY Audiobook and  LIBBY is a service that lets you get free audiobooks from the popular audiobook websites: offers audiobooks in print, spoken and visual formats. You can download books in .mobi, .epub, .doc and more.  and more. Google Play has audiobooks in over 200 categories, including TV shows, comedy, news, classic literature, and more.

Why Libby is a better way to get audiobooks

Libby makes it easy for readers to enjoy audiobooks on the go.  When you download Libby, you can choose from hundreds of  audiobooks to listen to while you’re waiting in line at  the bank, working out, riding the bus or driving a  car.  Or, you can stream your audiobooks from the cloud to  your tablet, computer, or phone wherever you are.  No matter which way you choose to listen to your audiobooks,  you’ll always get an immersive audiobook experience!  A library of personalized audiobooks, audiobooks from major  names in the audiobook world, and hundreds of audio  literature titles. No other service is quite like Libby!  Here are some of the awesome features of Libby:  Ability to add or edit a list of titles  Easy add/edit fields to quickly and easily add or edit a list of titles.

How Libby works

You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Play Replay with sound Play with  sound 00:00 00:00  I’m not one for spoilers, so here’s a  little technical jargon:  First, you’re going to  sign up for a library account. You’ll have  this information available to you all the time — if you’re  interested in a certain book, or you have a particular  interest, you can search for it to see if it’s available in your  library. You can also upload your own  audio files and a cover. It’s completely free!  Read on for more details…  What is Libby?  Libby is a mobile reading app. But it’s a pretty  wide-ranging app — it can help you enjoy books wherever you  are!  • From the comfort of your home,  reading a book in your own library or those of your favorite  kindle users.

Where does Libby store my audiobook?

To get your audiobooks on Libby,  1. Sign up and create your first Audible library  2. Get your library info from your Audible account.  3. Enter your information to create your audiobook library on Libby.  4. The audio books will be stored within your library on your account.  <<  When does Libby work?  All of your audiobooks will be added to your account when you download and  open the Libby app. The catalog will change frequently and should be kept  updated on your device. If you open the Libby app to change a listing,  there is a small option in the Library tab to “Send an email” about a change.  When you read a book on your own, we won’t have access to your booklist or  the ability to edit it.

How much do I have to pay for Libby?

I’m afraid you don’t have to pay anything up front. You can  sign up for a free 30-day trial that will provide you with a  personal user ID and password. You can then choose whether or  not to continue using the service. You don’t even have to start  with a book subscription. Just start with whatever audio  selection you want and select “keep for now” once you’re  ready to begin!  Why do you have to purchase a subscription to Libby?  Our objective is to provide the best audiobooks to our  clients. The only way we can do this is if we are  able to continuously offer up great new audiobooks that  customers love. And since we want to stay focused on  creating the very best audiobooks possible, it is the only  way to ensure that we can deliver and serve our members.

What if I want a physical copy of the book?

It’s great that you enjoy reading the content digitally,  but we also offer physical copies of the audiobooks! For  $19.99, you can get a physical copy of both my novels! (The first one comes out in June!)  You can order that for yourself, or for your friend or family member (who is a Kindle user) to read on their device!  You can also order your audiobook to be delivered directly to your Kindle.  Of course, you can still also just listen to it wherever you want,  and subscribe to a digital audio book service like Libby or Overdrive.

Where can I buy a physical copy of the book?

Right now, the most affordable way to buy a physical copy of How Libby Helps Readers Get The Audiobooks They Want Without Paying is from your local, indie bookstore, Amazon, or your favorite e-book retailer. We will add another retailer if demand becomes too great, so stay tuned!  What happens to my copy of the book when I buy it?  When you buy a copy of How Libby Helps Readers Get The Audiobooks They Want Without Paying, it comes with the DRM-free download code included. When you are ready to listen to it, simply add it to your device, or just say: “Hey Google, play the audiobook from [name of retailer].

Where can I buy an audio CD or MP3 of the book?

Online : Look for the book  : Look for the book  Where can I listen to the audiobook online?  AudioCulture : The  : The  *  U.S. YOU MUST HAVE A STANDARD CODE TO DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR IPAD, PC, OR PHONE.  AudioCulture: A code from the AudioCulture site will be emailed to you shortly after you visit the site. Click here for more info. If you haven’t registered with AudioCulture, please do so here. Once registered, you’ll be able to get your free download of  The Story of Beautiful Girl ( << #autographedcopy>>!  How much do audiobooks cost?  List price : $2.99  : $2.99 Monthly subscription : $19.99 / year  : $19.


I hope you enjoy hearing the audiobooks you love and learning about  creative storytelling and book publishing. If you want to continue hearing more  from Libby, check out our catalog to find more fiction, nonfiction,  and even poetry. Plus, you can get updates on Libby and other  books we recommend from the Libby Blog!  I hope you enjoyed listening to Libby! I hope it’s inspiring you to start  or add audiobooks to your reading list.  Come on, tell us your favorite audiobook and how Libby helped you get it.  It’s fun to hear readers talk about their favorites. (As  an author, I can’t tell you how much I love hearing readers  gush about my own books! :D)  Shannon A. free book heer

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