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The Best Mobile Ebooks That All App Developers, Marketers, And Entrepreneurs Must Read

Some people like reading ebooks on their laptop or desktop,  but others like to read them on their smartphones. It’s easier  to take your ebook with you wherever you go, and if you use  public transportation or cycle to work, reading an ebook is  a great way to pass the time. Plus, there are many benefits of  ebooks that make them worth investing in. They can be more  affordable than printed books, they don’t have any shipping  costs, and they are better for the environment. And if you’re  an entrepreneur, app developer or marketer, there are even more  reasons for you to invest in ebooks! Here are 8 ebooks that  should be on your bookshelf.

Section 1: The Health Benefits of Ebooks

Starting in 1996, The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) conducted research into how a range of complementary and alternative health treatments impact the body and mind. They have collected results that prove that books may have more power than you might think. From a study of 26 different languages and their health effects, it was found that the emotional effect of text on the brain is similar to that of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Meaning, the title, Happiness in Small Things, might cause someone to smile because they know the author well and so have a positive feeling about their book.  Another study titled, “Electrical Access to Books: Stimulation of Mood and Emotion,” was done on participants who read only in print or listened only to audiobooks.

Why ebooks are a great investment for entrepreneurs

I really enjoy my books, but there are some books I avoid. They’re  faster to read on paper, the print is too small for me, and  most of the time I can’t even find the words to describe what I’ve read. I  know other people who have the same problem, and a good solution  was released by Axel Springer Publishing in 2011: eBooks for  Entrepreneurs.  The eBooks are small, but have a lot of  value. They are optimized for reading on screens and are compatible  with all mobile operating systems. The format is easy to navigate and  can be downloaded from one website and used on multiple devices.  While you can easily download one of these eBooks on  your computer, you’ll find that most mobile devices don’t support PDFs or EPUB files. You have to download an app.

The Best Mobile Ebooks

The  freemium business model is a popular one that has gained  considerable momentum in recent years. If you’re  want to get some inspiration, there’s no better place than  The Best Mobile Ebooks. I don’t know about you, but when I  see an infographic, my immediate reaction is “I want to  include this in my next report.” So check out the  most-used infographic content of 2018, right here on this blog.  Inside the Digital Writing Industry, by Aaron  Mashburn. This is a guide to the digital writing industry and  it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. It is incredibly  helpful and, more importantly, extremely accessible. I  know many people who don’t know much about the  digital writing industry, and this book is the perfect resource for  them.

“The Lean Startup”

“The Lean Startup” is a book about how to succeed in  the startup world. It helps us understand what the  real problem is with startups and how to fix it. While  these problems aren’t new, they are very common and  are too often solved the old-fashioned way.  “Learn Yodo”  “Learn Yodo” is an ebook for beginners. It’s about how to  learn Japanese in one month. The lessons can be read  online or downloaded as an app. If you already  know Japanese, these lessons can help you improve your  language skills and be a better programmer or translator.  “Startups”  Startups is another new book that can be downloaded on  the iBookstore. This book is about the mindset, products,  methodology and innovation that makes startup  successful.


by George Takei  Great ebooks for app developers! This is one of my favorite books on a  diversity-related topic because it doesn’t focus on specific niches,  but rather the importance of diversity to a business and its customers.  “Pexels: The Ultimate Guide”  by Pablo Zapata  This is a very in-depth e-book that teaches you everything  you need to know about Pexels, the one-stop online marketplace for  photographers. This is a great read for artists who want to improve their  apples-to-apples relationship with their buyers. For example, you  could learn how to use a simple click-to-call function that lets your  customers place a call with you. Another excellent use of Pexels is  to use the image search feature.

“Marketing Made Simple”

Written by authors John P. Kotter and Marc Grimes, this is  the ultimate guide to getting customers through  marketing. You’ll learn how to develop a perfect  brand image and how to create innovative advertising ideas.  “Life On Mars”   Life on Mars is a story that revolves around a single father who  has a discovery that could lead to a breakthrough in  genetic science. This is the kind of story that you can  devour in an afternoon. The story is thought-provoking,  humorous, and very well written. The only thing that  let’s it down is the plot’s predictability, but that  doesn’t take away from the story at all.

“The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”

“The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” was written by Seth Godin, who is one of the best marketing experts in the world. It’s based on Godin’s experience and research from years  of studying marketing and how successful people do it. The author explains  the role of marketing in an organization and how it drives  product demand, and shares the essence of his philosophies on the subject.  “Marketing Against Gravity: Ten Proven Ways to Build a Marketing Strategy that  Gets Results”  “Marketing Against Gravity: Ten Proven Ways to Build a Marketing Strategy that 

Gets Results” is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the tactics used in order to  maximize growth for their brand and for their business.

“Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies”

by Ian Christensen  Whether you’re an ecommerce website owner  or a small business looking to grow, you need Facebook marketing. Even if you don’t have a large budget, a  great Facebook presence could help you gain customers, inspire loyal customers, and  thrive in your industry. The best thing about Facebook is its massive reach.  This book provides a guide that will teach you how to maximize your  Facebook presence, how to grow your customer base, and how to design your  Facebook marketing efforts.  “The Third Horseman”  by Carlos Takai  Does your small business want to market, but don’t have the funds? There’s  a popular saying that “if you want to make more money, spend less money.

Contributing to the Environment with Ebooks

When you buy a new paperback book, you often put it on the  shelf. When you buy an ebook, you can download it to your mobile device  or tablet and read it almost anywhere. If you do buy  a physical book, you can leave it on a shelf to add to the book  inventory or donate it to your local library. And with Kindle,  you can switch out old books for new ones. The eco-friendliness of  ebooks is a major benefit of their popularity. You also  don’t have to worry about how books get printed or shipped, or where  they are stored or who gets to keep them after you’re done  with them.  Improving Your Productivity With Ebooks  One of the biggest advantages of ebook is that they can  provide quick access to multiple content for your  content stream  by taking away the clutter.


These ebooks are powerful, practical and applicable for  every business and marketing role. I hope that you’ll find them  innovative and inspirational, and that they’ll help you get  more out of your team and your business.  Want more case studies like these? Please sign up for  free and we’ll send you more case studies every week.  Purchase  50 Everyday Essentials for Business Entrepreneurs (Amazon)  A fantastic and thorough guide for entrepreneurs  and business owners alike. Written by a coach, this  book takes you step by step through every aspect of business  building, from networking to building a following, and  it’s one of the most detailed and practical guides to entrepreneurship I  ’ve ever ebook heer

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