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The Easiest Way to Create Your Own Ebook Cover in 5 Minutes -with Templates!

When you’re trying to publish and sell an e-book, the first  thing people want to know is what your cover looks like. The  cover is what catches their eye and draws them in. It can  make or break whether or not someone buys your book. So, the  design of your book cover is CRITICAL! If you’ve ever tried designing your own ebook cover before,  you know that it can take a very long time and be rather  frustrating. And once you finally finished, you found out  that it looked terrible! This is SO NOT TRUE ANYMORE! Today  we have some awesome templates to help you create a high  quality and professional looking e-book cover in just FIVE  MINUTES or less!<<

Section 1: What is an ebook cover?

– Learn what e-book covers are and the different styles and  policies that the different ebook publishing companies use.  – Find out what you need to know about fonts and backgrounds.  – Discover how to draw your own book cover!  Section 2: The most important parts of designing a book cover  – The title. The title will often be the first thing that  someone notices when they look at the cover. It’s the  first thing they may think about. The title is usually the  entire title of the book, or the subject of the entire book.  – The author name. The author name is the author name of the  book.  – The title, author and title are all one thing, but they are all  different things. The title can tell you a little bit about the book.

Why do you need an ebook cover?

Every book needs one!  Whenever someone opens up your book, they want to be able  to see your beautiful book cover at first glance.  They’re going to compare it to other books and try to figure out if you’re any good!  So if your book cover is out there, people are going to see it and go  ogling your name. This is the perfect opportunity to get your name out there and grab some new  followers.  But it doesn’t stop there. When someone buys your book, you don’t want them to think it’s a  used book. So if your book cover is in tact, it makes it easy to sell the book. You can even include a link back to your  book cover on your sales page.  One thing that really sucks about making your own ebook cover is that  u can never make it  just right.

The importance of an ebook cover

Every major ebook company out there requires their author to have a  book cover! And, most of them use a template to help them design  the cover to match their title, author name, content and other ________________  The Best Amazon Kindle eBooks on the Market  Last time I wrote a guide about the best Amazon Kindle eBooks, I was told it was too long and that people wanted a shorter, quicker list.  So I wrote a summary of the best Amazon Kindle eBooks. If you’re in a hurry, you’re just getting started with your  ebook, or just want to browse through some and see what’s hot, I have a summary of the best Amazon Kindle eBooks. You can even use it to plan your own  KDP business and focus on the best ebooks.  Article continues after this block Your email address will not be published.

How to make your own ebook cover in 5 minutes or less

What you will learn here…  • How to create a professional e-book cover in 5 minutes!  • How to use a template to customize your e-book cover!  • How to export your new ebook cover to PDF!  • How to add a table of contents to your e-book cover!  • How to create a table of contents and distribute your ebook  cover via Kindle Direct Publishing!  *I want you to understand the concept before we move on  next. Once you understand the concept of the ebook cover, you  will understand why it is so important to have one!  So, here we go! Let’s get started.  First, some ground rules…  • I’m not going to show you how to create your  easiest e-book cover in the world. I’m going to show you  how to create a really good one.

Choosing the perfect template for your book

Now that you know what to do and how to do it, it’s time to choose the best  template for your book. The following examples are the templates  I have designed for you! These are some of the most popular  Ebook covers that have sold well in the last couple of years.  While I don’t condone plagiarism, these are the covers that  I’ve used in my own ebooks so that you can have a  mixture of sales and success and hopefully follow in their  steps! I’ll also link you to the actual books!  PLEASE NOTE: Clicking on the “Download Template  to your Computer” link will take you to the  JavaScript which allows you to print or save the templates to your  computer.

Designing your e-book cover in Canva

As I was browsing the internet, I stumbled on this  free ebook cover design template. After seeing  it, I decided to give it a try and here’s how it turned out!  It took me less than 5 minutes to design the  cover and it’s perfect! All I had to do was edit the  text and use the background elements to create this beautiful  design. So  in just 5 minutes, you can create a high quality and  professional looking e-book cover!  Become a featured creator with this download!  Download my FREE ebook – 5 Minute Ebook Cover Designs  Want your free ebook to be featured on The Ultimate Indie Author Guide?  Not a Pay-Per-Download…this is an ebook. You’re  doing it for FREE.

Editing your ebook book in Microsoft Word

Or Create your own cover in Canva and Publish it on Amazon Kindle!  Ten Ways to Create an Ebook Cover for $60 You’ll actually BE PROFITING from!  From choosing a font to being creative with the font/ background,  you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can create a top quality  professional looking ebook cover. >>  Here are 10 simple steps to create your own ebook cover:  Step 1  First, take a look at our html code example below.  This code is for using the blueberry font to create a  standard e-book cover (without any fancy backgrounds or  photography), so the font size would be 16px by 18px.  Let’s see if we can make it fit our e-book.  With the top left corner cropped out, we can see that the blueberry  font uses a 14px x 14px x 6px font-size.


Ebook covers are the very first impression  most people will see of your book. So,  let’s make it as amazing as we can!  Thank you for reading! You can follow me on  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribe on YouTube!  Legend:  Version 1 (03-15-2017)  Version 2 (03-15-2017)  Version 3 (03-15-2017)  Version 4 (03-15-2017)  Version 5 (03-15-2017)  Version 6 (03-15-2017)  Version 7 (03-15-2017)  Version 8 (03-15-2017)  Version 9 (03-15-2017)  Version 10 (03-15-2017)  Click Here to Download The Ebook  The Ebook  Jul 31, 2018  About the Author  Michal Sokolowski, co-author of How to Create Your Own E-book Cover in 5 Minutes (Juggernaut, eBook) is a graphic designer, web designer, and graphic artist who specializes in digital marketing and web design.free book

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