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The Best Kindle Books: A List of The Most Popular, Most Exciting, and All-Time Greatest Books to Read on Your Kindle

The Kindle is a device that allows you to read e-books.  It’s easy to use, and it has its own library of over 1  million books, magazines, etc., which can all be downloaded  for free! With so many books to choose from, it can be hard  to know what the best Kindle books are.  We’ve compiled a list of 10 books that we find most people  enjoy reading on their Kindle. These books are sure to make  your summer a little more entertaining. You’ll find romance  novels, sci-fi stories, and even some short stories for those  with short attention spans. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Section 1: Best Kindle Books

1. Pride and Prejudice (A Novel)  by Jane Austen  If you’re a total fan of Pride and Prejudice (A  Novel), then you’re probably already a fan of Pride and  Prejudice (A Novel) by Jane Austen. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is a  great time! Set in early 18th century England, the two books follow the  dynamic of Lizzie Bennett and Mr. Darcy. You’ll want to devour  both for their hilarious dialogue and intriguing love story.  What to expect: An insightful look into the rules and societal norms of  early 18th century England. There’s even a little bit of mystery with  Mr. Bennet’s apparent blindness to certain aspects of the world around him.

The Hunger Games

This is probably one of the best-selling book-to-movie  adaptions ever. For those of you who haven’t read this best-selling  series, it’s about a bunch of teenagers (named Katniss, Peeta, Gale  and the others) who are forced to live in a deadly  fairy-tale-like arena after a horrific event. The arena is surrounded by a  wide, unending forest and every week a new competition starts.  As they face death, they must also compete in the reaping  event, where the town’s hands are tied and everyone must be  competent to take part in the Games. It’s a game of survival, and  the one who wins will take home a glimmering prize: life,  and an entire year of freedom.  Will you find it hard to keep your Kindle focus  on this well-written story? We definitely think so.


It doesn’t get much better than this. This dystopian book is based on the  same “world of factions” as the Hunger Games. Instead of battling  for food and supplies in a cruel and distant society,  fighting for survival means competing in a difficult selection  process to determine which ” faction” you’ll be a part of. You  live and love as your faction dictates.  It’s the best of all worlds! Click here to read Divergent on your Kindle.  The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood  While it’s based on the same “world of factions” as The Hunger Games,  it’s much more terrifying.  In this dystopian novel, women are treated as property  and forced into sexual servitude once they hit the age of  15. It’s almost an unbelievable story that you  won’t be able to put down.


If you love the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer, we think the  Twilight on Kindle would be a good choice for you. It has all the  good stuff from the series, and is also highly praised by readers.  Entourage  Entourage is a series of popular and witty sitcoms for  the DVD era. It’s fun and interesting, and a great  bedtime book. Plus, the plot is easy to follow, as it’s mostly  about New York City and Hollywood.  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  This book is by the same author who created  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Like the first book in  the series, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is also written in vernacular vernacular,  with all its profanity and colorful language.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

by J. K. Rowling  Ready to learn all about this highly-anticipated debut novel?  (Available for purchase for the Kindle.)  The one that started it all, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s  Stone chronicles Harry’s journey from an eleven-year-old orphan to an  an accomplished and respectable wizard. This beautifully illustrated book  is a good addition to any self-respecting reader’s collection, and is free  to download and own! Read it now on your Kindle!  Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert  This highly-acclaimed novel, which originally hit  standings due to Oprah’s positive review, will surely find  the spot in your Kindle library as well. Read the full novel online.  A unique take on life and how we can make it a little bit more pleasurable.  Now for only $2.

Gone Girl

By: Gillian Flynn  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound  Release Date: June 15, 2012  It’s been over six months since Amy’s husband  Nick went missing. But Amy still can’t quite believe her husband is really gone.  Her seemingly perfect life is unraveling, just as she’s about to face Nick’s family at a  family gathering. The one thing that is clear is that Nick did something truly awful to his wife. Will Amy ever find out what he did?  Under the Tuscan Sun  By: Frances Mayes  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound  Release Date: September 19, 2005  It’s  been years since Tuscany-born interior designer  Claudia Balducci found herself disillusioned with the world of marriage, beauty, and fashion.

Wuthering Heights

The classic Victorian novel by Emily Bronte is considered  one of the greatest works of literature in English. Since it  began to be translated into English in the 19th century, it’s been one  of the most popular and best selling books in history. We put this book on  our list for the reason that it’s one of the most memorable and  intense books ever written. Here are just a few of the many wonderful  characters and quotes: “If I had my time over again, I would have said no.”  The Snows of Kilimanjaro  A fictional account of a family’s survival in the  1910’s after their son accidentally kills his friend.  Other characters include Mrs. Edwards, the woman whose son was killed, and her husband, who hates his son’s best friend. If you like stories with dark undertones, this is a must read.

Pride and Prejudice

The classic novel about a young woman, Elizabeth Bennett,  who has a fierce desire to be married, but is continually mistaken for  a man.  When Elizabeth is forced to marry Mr. Collins, her male  counterpart, her high spirits disappear, until a marriage and a  curious love develops.  It’s an easy read, and fans of the novel will love all  the delightful moments that made the novel so beloved.  The book has a handy section with the highlights so you won’t  forget them.  Did You Ever Have a Family?  A book about a family in a small town who are  tragedically faced with losing their daughter to cancer.  The mother, Kate, must learn how to cope with  her daughter’s death.  It’s a touching and emotional story, with an all  around satisfying plot.

Charlotte’s Web

This classic children’s book is one of the most beloved  children’s books of all time. Each reader can pick out something  remarkable about each chapter, like Charlotte’s spider, Wilbur’s  endearing girlfriend, Fluffy’s unusually large blue eyes, or even the  star-crossed love story of Wilbur and Charlotte.  Of course, what makes this book so popular is the stunning  language. The author, E.B. White, really put his mark on the  language, including big words and slang, which really helped  young readers to become familiar with such words as vernacular and  transvestite. With such a strong story and beautiful language,  we think this one is definitely one of the best Kindle books for  kids!  The Time Traveler’s Wife  This film is based on the award-winning novel by  Christopher Paolini.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll  This classic tale of a girl who lives in Wonderland comes in  colorful Kindle editions from HarperCollins and Usborne.  This isn’t just a children’s classic, but one of the most  fun stories for kids and adults alike. It’s full of colorful  wonders and beautiful costumes, and will give you and your  children hours of entertainment. A perfect read for the Kindle or  other electronic reading device. Click here to learn more.  Sherlock Holmes  by Arthur Conan Doyle  A large portion of the horror-adventure genre comes  from Holmes and Watson, and the first best-seller in  this series, The Hound of the Baskervilles, may be the  most famous ebook heer

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