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How to Write an Ebook: A Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to write an ebook, but don’t know how  to get started? You’re not alone. Many people want to write  their own ebook, but don’t know the first thing to do. It’s  easy enough to start writing, but what about formatting and  publishing? Don’t worry! This guide will teach you everything you need to know to write and publish your own ebook. From deciding  if you should write one in the first place, to outlining your book  and launching it on Amazon, this guide is for any aspiring author who wants to take the next step towards writing their very own book.

Section 1: Decide if you should write a book

So you want to write an ebook. Congratulations! That’s wonderful. Now what? Should you start  right now, or should you wait a little while until you have a full-length book  published? You can download this PDF checklist and use it to answer that  choice. That being said, you should begin writing an ebook immediately.  The reason? You don’t want to be creating and revising and deleting and  recording as you go, which takes a lot of time and energy, or be throwing away  good material. You want to publish something good, even if it’s a short  book. I do, anyway.  Don’t worry, though. I know you’re a little intimidated. You’re thinking,  “Wow, I don’t know anything about writing a book. What if I don’t have  a book in me? I might never be able to publish one.

Choose the type of book you want to write

There are two main types of  ebook:  Standalone Ebooks are single-authored works that  are sold alone. They usually fall into the sci-fi, mystery,  fantasy, or literary genres.  are single-authored works that are sold alone. They usually fall into the sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, or literary genres. Multi-author Ebooks are combined collections of  writing from several authors.  In addition to genre, you’ll also need to consider whether your book will be  for-profit or not. For-profit ebooks are those that have a  profit incentive to readers; for example, they may contain  secrets or cheat sheets that can be sold. Non-profit  ebooks are those that don’t have this incentive, which may include  educational or training materials.  Don’t worry; it’s simple to make your ebook a commercial  piece.

Outline your book

When you first start writing your own book, you’ll want to start by  outlining it. You can use any tools or techniques you wish. For  example, I typically use an outline generator app like Ulysses  (which is an  awesome  tool !), but you can use a pen  notebook or even a regular ol’  sheet of paper.  I recommend that you outline your book using a formula of 6  basic sections:  Introduction Why you want to write your book A few facts  (perfect for reference) Research steps or actions/sections you’ll take Part 1: Introduction  This is the first part of your book, and usually the  largest. Part of  your book will probably be here, which could be any  concepts you want to incorporate into your book, or a story you  want to share.

Research and explore your interests

For many people, the thing that excites them the most about  ebooks is that  they let them write exactly the  way that they want. Instead of being tied down to a certain format and  approved  publishers, you can create a custom ebook and publish it yourself, which can  mean a whole lot more freedom.  The first step is deciding what kind of ebook you want to write. Does  your passion lie in business and entrepreneurship? Publishing your own blog  ? An autobiographical look at your life? In many cases, you can use a template  such as The Book Creator by Wordlytix to create an ebook in a specific format that  you are familiar with, or you can start completely from scratch.

Write the first draft of your ebook

I’ve written a handful of ebooks and can tell you  you don’t need a lot of work to write an ebook. There’s  a lot of fun to be had crafting an entertaining read and  graphics that draw your attention with minimal text. If you’re  starting with a blank screen or just want to hone your craft, don’t  worry – you can get started with no major issues. This ebook will  give you a much-needed framework that will help you make your book  elegant and informative, so you can make some space to build it up  more.  Ensure your ebook is formatted correctly  With so many ebook platforms, formatting has become one of  the most important elements in making sure your ebook looks polished, and  that it’s easy to read and understand.

Polish your manuscript and send it to beta readers

If you are serious about writing your ebook, you’re going to want to spend a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail polishing it. When you are writing in your first draft, it’s okay to make errors, but after that, you must edit ruthlessly. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless when you are editing. It’s time to cut the fat and trim the unnecessary information that doesn’t contribute to the reader experience. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will  learn to trust your instincts and avoid being distracted.  All you need to do now is sit back and watch the magic unfold!  Start by writing a brief description of the book and what it’s about. Having an introduction is a great way to really sell your book to the reader. The first sentence should entice the reader to keep reading.

Get ready for publishing

Write the right book  If you’re going to write your own ebook, you need to  research the subject matter well and create a book  that people want to read. Your book should be  intelligent, informative, fun, and inspiring. Once you have your book  titled, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of a vanity or  hybrid publishing. If you want to take this even further, why not take a  calibrating course from KDP Rocket? It’s the best selling ebook publisher on  Amazon.  You may also find that it’s a good idea to learn a little about the  process of publishing from an experienced author who’s done it  before. Take a look at what Alexander McCall Smith of The No. 1 Ladies   Detective Agency has to say about publishing.


This tutorial is designed for beginners who want to create an  ebook, but  are unsure about formatting and publishing it themselves.  As such, the format is a simplified, step-by-step guide ̶ not a full-  blown guide to publishing ̶ that will walk you through the process step-by-  step.  Our goal is to help you avoid common mistakes, provide  resources for when you get stuck, and answer any questions you may  have along the way.  Below are our suggestions and the ordering of the topics to  go over:  Formatting and Publishing Your Ebook  Kindle Publishing  Prepping Your Book for Submission to Amazon  Setting Up Amazon Ads and selling your book  Copyrights and Publishing Rights  Setting Up and Editing Your Book’s Table of Contents  Proofreading Your Book  Other Useful Links  Read the ebook.

Fix any formatting errors

Create a simple cover for your book   Add a title and description to your book  Start writing your book   Publishing your book   Now, let’s get started.  Learn the steps to create and publish your own ebook using a self-publishing platform.  1. Choose a self-publishing platform.  Since self-publishing ebook platforms are a relatively new trend, there aren’t many  well-established resources to go on. To help you choose the  best platform for you, here are a few things to consider:  PageFellow is an award-winning free self-publishing platform with a  full book-building and editing system.  It also gives you access to its library of stories, but only those  written in English.  IndieAuthorCentral is a good option if you want to publish in multiple languages.

Add images and diagrams

Download the PDF file  Download Now  By -Tom Powells -Vicki Peterson -Nick Babich -Najist Mall -Augusto S.A.C.  How to Write an Ebook: A Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners  Create a fun, eye-catching logo and book cover in a few easy steps. Use only your  own graphics. Can you create an ebook from scratch in a day? Yes! A major  reason why so many new authors end up abandoning their  books is because they don’t have the right advice and resources to make their  own creative writing hobby successful.  We will start with a quick overview of the process, followed  by a step-by-step guide and multiple sample projects so you can get a  feel for each stage.

Get an ISBN number

If you want to publish on Amazon, it’s imperative that you have a  recognized ISBN number.  Getting your ISBN number is simple. A number is  collected from the publishing company, and when it’s issued, you  will be sent a code that can be used on the Amazon store.  Most of the publishers send ISBNs via email. But if you need  more info, you can visit the ISBNs for authors

website, or  your local librarian.  Doing Your Research  Now that you’ve got an ISBN number and can now publish  your ebook on Amazon, you need to know what you’re doing.  Make sure that you have a clear idea of what you’re writing. You  need to know what it’s going to be about, how many pages it will  include, and what ISBN numbers you need.

Format the ebook for Kindle, PDF, etc.

First, you need to make sure your ebook is formatted correctly  for all three major ebook readers: Kindle, iPad, and Nook.  Read our guide on how to format your ebook.  Add a photo or external image (or use a picture we provide)  This may seem like a small thing, but I assure you, the difference is  immense. Here’s a typical image of mine.  Full-page images make your ebook look much more professional.  Be sure to use a free (to you) image. Just make sure it is 100%  free to reuse, in the public domain, or your own original artwork.  If you choose a photo from the internet, you must attribute the author when you  publish the ebook, and use a Creative Commons license (such as  “CC0”).

Publish on Amazon Kindle

Have you ever dreamt of publishing an ebook? You’ve got it all  set up. You just need to write the book!  More and more authors are publishing their own books on Kindle.  Not sure how to start? It’s easy! It’s hard to say ‘I can’t write, but I do know  how to publish an ebook.’ It’s true! As a matter of fact, if you can’t  write an ebook, it’s pretty difficult for you to get published on Amazon Kindle  (even though you can write a book in thirty days or less).  In fact, when you’re starting out as an author, you’ll most likely do the bulk of  your writing on a desktop computer using Word or your favorite text editor.

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