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Escorting the Billionaire: A Free Ebook for Romance Readers

When Harper is offered a well-paid job as an escort by one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, she quickly agrees. There’s just one catch: his identity remains unknown. From the moment he steps into her life, he sets about to realise every fantasy she has ever had. She starts to fall in love with him without knowing who he is. But when her feelings grow deeper and their relationship intensifies, she must decide whether to walk away or risk everything for love…  “She’s yours now.” Billionaire Jack Farrell looked at me with those piercing blue eyes of his and I felt the breath leave my body. “What?” I croaked out, feeling faint. “You’re mine now.”

Section 1: Why is this book for you?

It’s a super-fun, steamy romance set in modern day London. There are times when an escorting escorts agency sounds a bit dodgy, but my all-new offering will show that escorting escorts can be more than just dates. The book is full of humour, ridiculous circumstances and romance.  As you are a (literal) bachelorette, are you a fan of escorting escorts?  Possibly! I always think escorting is a good plot device to introduce women to the world of dating and I think escorting (nearly) has everything – including hot billionaires!  Section 2: What makes your book different from the others you have written?  The main hook in this book is that he is, in fact, a billionaire.

What to expect from the story

This book will capture your heart. I loved writing it and hope you enjoy reading it.  It is set in New York City in the city’s most famous luxury hotel – the Manhattan – and that’s where the action begins. The two lead characters will seduce you, make you laugh and make you cry. The sex scenes are very hot, but there is also a touching love story at the heart of it. It’s a romantic suspense novel.  My name is KAREN CURTIS. I’m an American romance novelist who lives in the UK. You can read my books in print or online. I write contemporary romance and erotic romance.  Website:  Facebook:  Twitter:  Amazon author page:  Twitter: https://twitter.

Our character’s thoughts and feelings

We understand our characters through their inner dialogue (e.g. thoughts and feelings), their actions, and their words. But what do they actually think?  By using your font to highlight different types of thinking, you can show us how our characters experience the world. And you can do this with both dialogue and narration.  Our main characters don’t have a lot of conversation, so using text to highlight one or two words at a time will help us get to know them better. We can even ask our characters questions about themselves by highlighting the word they’re thinking.  You might have noticed that many of your characters have an accent. This accent is so familiar because we share it with so many other people around the world.

Will they have a happy ending?

A ton of new content, and the biggest book I’ve ever done. This is a big, juicy romance novel with a great love story, beautiful characters, some hot sex and a lot of heart and emotion.  Darius Carr is used to the perks of being a billionaire, but the young woman he met after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend makes him yearn for more. A chance encounter throws the two of them together, and as their attraction grows, they find themselves caught up in a storm of dangerous games that have deadly consequences. Now that he’s found her, can he protect her from his enemies and win her love?  For more details, see:  Message me if you have any comments or questions.  You can also message on:  http://kalabarlao333.


My favorite thing about the book was that the romance was so well developed. It all started right from the first few pages. The way she wrote the book was so realistic. My only complaint is that it was too short. I really wish the author could have wrote more about the love between Harper and Jack.  The book was well-written and easy to read, though it did have a somewhat unusual and subtle tone. I read it in one sitting and loved the way it ended. I will recommend this book to all of my friends, both male and female, because it had such a great storyline.  An intriguing story, a mature heroine, and a handsome hero in a damaged world…

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