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The Best Format for an eBook: What Size and Format Should I Use?

 E-readers are everywhere these days. With the release of Amazon’s Kindle, books have made the shift from print to digital, and the publishing industry has changed forever. One of the most popular (and common) formats for eBooks is Kindle Format 8 (KF8).  Many people still think they need to convert their manuscript to PDF format in order to publish it for Kindle. However, there are many instances where this conversion will not be necessary. Amazon now lets you upload your manuscript (in Microsoft Word or HTML formats) directly into KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) with no conversion required.  However, if you’re unsure whether your document will work correctly on Amazon’s KF8 reading devices, here are some 

Section 1: Introduction

Your eBook is actually in two formats. The first format is Kindle KF8, and the second format is the default format Kindle Kindles use when they are first powered on, e.g. default font (11 points) and font size (25 points).  The first format is the default  PDF documents are actually easy to convert to Kindle Format 8. After you’ve converted to PDF and saved it to your hard drive, it can be uploaded and read on Kindle devices. To find out how to convert a PDF document to KF8, follow these steps:  Step 1: If you don’t already have the  The Kindle Previewer is a free tool which allows you to preview the KF8 document, or any other formatted file, on your Kindle. You’ll be prompted to select your destination folder for the document when you install the Kindle Previewer.

Formatting for E-readers

There are several e-reader reading devices on the market today, but the one that everyone thinks of first is Kindle. Kindle eBooks have always been available in two distinct formats: PDF and Kindle EPUB.  PDF  PDF eBooks use Adobe Acrobat format to view the documents and can only be read on e-readers. Many people do not know that the latest versions of Word, Powerpoint and PowerPoint have PDF files available for download for free. You can convert all types of documents from Word to PDF with this conversion software.  PDF eBooks are available in the following formats:  Word Documents (.doc or .docx files)  Powerpoint Presentations (.

Kindle Format 8 (KF8)

on-the-spot checks to see if your manuscript is suitable to be published.  Although Kindle Authoring Tool (KAT) is free to use, it’s limited to authoring one document at a time. Some changes may be required to be made to make your document  KF8-compatible.  To test if your document is acceptable to the Kindle, press the “Edit” tab and click on the file you wish to edit. The document should show “Safe for Kindle” under the file’s title. If it does not, you can try another file and compare it to your original.  To submit your document to Amazon Kindle for Kindle KF8 you will need the latest version of the same file. If you are having trouble uploading, you can also try submitting to a file repository such as MobiMagic, or you can find a publisher who can convert your document for you.

Kindle Previewer

The Kindle Format 8 reading device supports a variety of screen sizes and resolutions, so it’s crucial that your PDF document is available in this format. You may want to get familiar with the devices that Kindle is compatible with and make sure that your manuscript will correctly display on these devices.  Another thing to consider is whether or not your e-book needs to be under 5,000 words. All the major ebook readers can support this, but if you want to put your title in a specific format that requires under 5,000 words, you’ll need to make sure your manuscript is over 5,000 words to make this format work.  Alternatively, you can always convert your document to a different format and upload it to KDP.  Note: EPUB is a free eBook format, but it is not compatible with the Kindle reader.

Converting to Kindle Format 8 (KF8)

1. Format your document into a PDF  Most people use a common Word file format to hold all their writing, such as .doc, .docx, .docb, etc. If your document doesn’t exist in one of these formats, Amazon requires you to convert it first, and then upload it. (I recommend turning off the Auto-Save feature in your Word file.)  If your document doesn’t exist in one of these formats, Amazon requires you to convert it first, and then upload it. (I recommend turning off the Auto-Save feature in your Word file.) 2. Open a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (free for computers and $29.95 for Macintosh and Windows; also available for Android)  You should know how to do this on your PC, Macintosh, or Windows. If you’re a Mac user, you can use an Adobe-supported browser for Mac users.


For the most part, an ebook format is really just a matter of personal preference. A lot of people believe the size and format of their work should be dictated by its intended audience. While this may be true for some, it should never be the case for most. If you want your readers to have a great time reading your work, give them something they will enjoy. Sometimes it’s as simple as your format; other times, it’s more complicated. Before you do anything else, make sure you understand the features available and how they will affect your readers’ experience.  Putting the finishing touches on your book and formatting it for an eBook is always a fun, exciting, and challenging task. You’ll feel like a real pro when you see the finished product in all its glory, sitting on your virtual shelf.

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