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Dune is a captivating sci-fi novel that tells the story of Paul Atreides, son of the duke Leto. The story takes place in the year 10,191 AD, when humanity has spread across two planets and three satellites to avoid having all-out war with each other. They depend on Spice Melange to survive. It has become their most valuable resource. When the Emperor launches an endeavor to take over the spice production, it becomes a battle for power and control. This e-book contains content not found in any other publication by or about Frank Herbert (1911-1986). There are excerpts from his journals, speeches, essays and commentaries written during his lifetime; all selected by his son Brian Herbert (

Section 1: “An E-Book of Rarest Dune Material”

Section 2: “The Design & Construction of Dune”  Section 3: “Rights & Permissions: Considerations for the Use of Dune”  Section 4: “Licensing”  Section 5: “Other Dune-Related Material”  Section 6: “Outside of Dune (non-BYOB)  Enjoy!  © 2015 Frank Herbert Estate  [AUTHOR’S NOTE:] A copyright disclaimer should always be included when you are using someone else’s intellectual property (IP).  This e-book is published under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.  Any copying or redistribution of this e-book in whole or in part is strictly prohibited without written permission.  If you enjoyed this e-book, please consider showing your support by sharing it with a friend and purchasing from BookLocker.

“Spice Melange, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spice”

May, 1988  Available at Amazon: $2.99 as Ebook or $19.99  “Why the hell not?” Herbert mused. “We’re all looking for an escape route from our shared human condition. Spices may be derived from the universe of the book, but they will still help me escape from mine, I guess.”  During its existence, Dune has sold more than 50 million copies. It is revered by science fiction fans as the ultimate work of science fiction. Herbert is the only science fiction writer whose works are required reading in some universities.  Title from Dune: “The gate in the sand”  The story follows Paul Atreides, a young nobleman in the noble house of Arrakeen, who is brought up by the Temple Bentru, the women-only sect of the Spice priests.

“The Future of the Future is Now”

©1984 by Jack Gaughan and Ellen Sherwood), “Dune: Man-Made Monsters” & “The Genesis Text”, in “Dune Chronicles” and “Dune Treasury Edition” (1983); the chapters “Introduction” and “Introduction: A Dilemma”, reprinted in “Dune Companion” (1999); a foreword by Brian Herbert; a list of content, sources, and biographical information on all characters and actors; a general index; and a notes section.  If you’d like to read The Dune e-book online, please visit the PDF version. (PDF file)  Intel Corp. has donated several components that you can use in your computer.  Download the Intel Downloadable Components (IDCs) here. (Click on the image to download.)  The characters in the movie are fictional. They are the fictional creations of the writer, Frank Herbert, and the director, David Lynch.

“A New Foundation for Humanity”

“My name is Leto II Atreides, Lord of Alxa, Lord of Dune.”  —Frank Herbert, 1964, preface to Dune  and its sequels  )  They illustrate the point of view of an intense and visionary visionary human being who continually gave to others, and still continues to do so.  His will and life plan goes beyond the borders of space and time. The events in his works are significant not only for the future of humanity but also for the unfolding of his plan for us all.  We are all on a one-way street, journeying toward the “still more, greater and greater”- the final purpose of our life in space.

“Treasure Planet of the Empire”

).  In addition, the book contains thousands of words and sentences that were cut from the novel prior to publication and never before reprinted. “The ‘cuts’ reveal some of the hidden tensions within the novel and suggest a compelling reading experience, while at the same time ‘adds new depth to the detail,’ as Brian Herbert says. Every page brings a new discovery, and the print edition of Dune (2000) contains extensive notes on many of these ‘gaps’ that were cut from the original printing of the book.”  Jesus is the son of god but he is not religious. It is just a title by which he is known. The Koran (one of the main holy books in the Islamic faith) says that Muhammad is the prophet of God. The trinity in Christianity is Jesus, God the father and the son of God.


You may have a copy of Dune, or you may be familiar with it because you have seen the movie over the years. The story is so complex that I cannot outline everything in this review. If you want a book that will expand your knowledge of Frank Herbert’s Dune, then pick up this e-book. It’s available for purchase now and you can get it by visiting the title’s webpage.  If you do, then I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.  Free Book Promotion: The Divergent Series – Ascendant is now FREE! Read an excerpt from the upcoming novel. If you enjoy The Divergent Series – Ascendant, then you will LOVE THE CROSSED FIELDS! CLICK HERE for the link. A Sneak Peek at THE TRIAL  The Dune Chronicles is dedicated to Frank Herbert and to his wife, Jean.

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