ebook marketing :L’importance de l’eBook dans votre stratégie de content

How to Use Ebooks for Marketing: The Best Strategies for Selling Books Online

People love to read, and they also like to buy books. But what if you wanted to write a book and put it out there for sale? How would you market your book? One of the most popular marketing strategies is using ebooks as a marketing tool.  As an author, you want your book to be seen by as many people as possible. The trick is getting your books into the hands of readers who would enjoy them. The good news is that ebook publishing is an easy way for authors to get their work in front of readers.  When you publish an ebook, you’re able to give away copies for free or at a reduced price. This can be great for building your brand and increasing exposure – but it

Section 1: What is an ebook?

Here are a few things you should know about ebook publishing:  Ebooks are electronic copies of your written work. You write your ebook in a program like Word or  mobi.  Once you finish the work, you upload it to a marketplace like Amazon or  Barnes and Noble. The marketplaces will then look through  the material to find retailers interested in carrying your book.  It’s similar to uploading a .pdf file to your personal email. You send it to someone to download, and they can then make a purchase. The two ebook platforms Amazon and Barnes and Noble both use the “Kindle Direct Publishing”  system.  In other words, there are many ebook publishers who publish on the ebook platforms and those publishers generally provide software that will produce an ebook for sale.

The Value of Publishing Your Own Ebook

For all the online platforms and mobile apps, you might wonder why you would want to put your book out there for free. To see what I mean, you should look at the typical listing for a book.  There are a lot of free books that aren’t worth the time to read. Free ebooks are usually on the technical side of the book publishing industry. This might include formatting issues, copywriting errors, and poor formatting that makes reading difficult. These books don’t do a great job at explaining what it’s like to be a new author. And, most importantly, they don’t provide a great value to readers.  If you create a free ebook that does well, people will be drawn to your books in future.  Why Publishing a Free Ebook Makes Sense  Sometimes, free books are an excellent strategy.

How to Publish Your Own Ebook

To start, you’ll need a website. I recommend WordPress. It’s free and easy to use. If you’re not ready to build a website yet, this is still a good place to start.  You also need a WordPress eCommerce plugin, which allows you to sell your ebook on your site. Once that’s done, you can use an affiliate program to give discounts to people who click on your link and buy your book.  For more information on how to publish an ebook, check out my complete guide to self-publishing your first ebook.  Why Should You Publish Your Ebook?  Ebooks are great for reaching readers you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. If you’ve already created a website, you can market your book with a simple link to your website.  As the link points to your website, it can get you more visibility.

Ways to Use Ebooks for Marketing

If you want to take advantage of the millions of people who download ebooks, you need to know the best marketing strategies for ebooks. So we have pulled together some great ebook marketing tips that can help you create a book that readers will love to read.  1. Share Your Book with People You Know  Whenever you decide to publish a book, it helps to start with the people who already like you. Your friends, family, and acquaintances will be the first people you’ll want to share your book with. For this, you can start by creating a “Thank You” page on your website.  On the Thank You page, share all of the free copies you’ve given away and how those copies helped your career. Share your passion for what you’ve written and the experience you’ve had as a writer.

Free Book Giveaways

For authors trying to build a brand, book giveaways can provide some good exposure to potential readers. And if you use a popular e-book platform like the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library or Readmill, this is easy to do.  Plus, because most readers are on mobile devices, it’s simple for them to grab a free copy of your ebook from their devices. They don’t even need to install an app or download a software – they can just download it from their online browser.  When you create a free ebook giveaway, it’s important to tell people in your giveaway announcement email and in your giveaway book description that your ebook is available for free or for a reduced price.

Discounted Books

Just as it is possible to have an ebook and give away copies for free, you can also sell your books for cheaper than they are sold in print. These cheap deals on print books have huge impact on book sales – and that’s something that can’t be overlooked.  In one experiment, print books that had a 10% discount on Amazon were selling for £24.99 and print books that were “only” discounted by 30% were selling for £15.29 – that’s a massive difference in terms of sales.  It’s a no-brainer that there are cheaper ways to market a book, so why not use this option to your advantage? You’ll get additional readers, make a profit from your work and keep your readers happy.

Leverage the Blogosphere

Blogs are one of the most valuable marketing tools for authors today. Almost everyone is on the internet. And when people want to read, they head to blogs. In fact, this is where they go first when they want to learn something new.  If you have a blog, it can be a great way to share your ideas with the world and sell your book. People who read your blog can also share your content with their friends, family and colleagues. And that way, they spread your ideas and your book to more people.  Make the Most of the Blogosphere  Being in the best places to publish a blog, is one of the best ways to get your book seen by more people.  On your blog, you can set up weekly giveaways. It doesn’t matter what you’re giving away – books, ebooks or other items.

Interviews with Other Authors

You should expect to be asked questions at every conference you go to, but I’m surprised by the number of people who still don’t have their books published, or how many have never given interviews.  At this point, you’ve spent time and money to get your book done and professionally edited. Getting your work out there in an interview can help promote your brand and help others find out more about your story. If you get enough coverage, it’ll be a natural step to your first book.  The tips below will help you in your first interviews.  Create an Invitation  You might have to rewrite a few of the questions you’re asked in your interviews, but at least the first few are straightforward.

Cross Merchandise

Demonstrate Your Affiliate Business  Acquire Loyal Readers  Receive Free Marketing  Build Your Personal Brand  Build Your Popularity  As you might already know, having an ebook means you can build up a list of people who have your book. They may be interested in buying your book, and there is no limit on how many times they can read it.  It’s possible to build your list of readers as you go, too. Your eBook can be shared on social media, and you can direct people to your blog. When they come to your site, you can invite them to purchase your book.  When your ebook is ready to be sold, you can sell your ebook as a product on any ebook retailer. This can be incredibly successful, especially if your book is trending in a certain niche.


This article outlined a few ideas for marketing an ebook, as well as the ways you can promote it. In this day and age, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to get the word out on your book as quickly as possible.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to promote my books, and I can’t wait to hear about other authors who have put their books in front of readers.  Do you have any marketing tips for promoting an ebook? Have you used ebook marketing? Please share your thoughts below.  Please leave a comment with your thoughts or questions below!  Rachel Michelle Fernandes is a freelance writer, cover artist and crafter. Her passions lie in finding good deals, staying up to date on tech and shopping. She is obsessed with Natural Products, Coffee and Scents.

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