The Casa del Libro celebrates its 100th anniversary

Y lo celebrates proud of its history

  • La Casa del Libro, which opened on Madrid’s Gran Vía on April 15, 1923, will celebrate around 2023 different events to commemorate 100 years of bringing books to the reading community from the same location.
  • Casa del Libro, which has been part of Grupo Planeta since 1992, already has 54 libraries spread across the country.

Casa del Libro celebrates its 100th anniversary and celebrates it, proud of its history, with different activities around 2023, starting next March with a commemorative act and the publication of a centenary book, edited by Espasa.

The first Casa del Libro, initially called Palacio del Libro, opened its doors at number 29 Gran Vía de Madrid, the building that housed the workshops of Espasa Calpe, the April 15, 1923. The architect José Yarnoz Larrosa, together with José Ortega and Gasset, was commissioned to design the rooms and spaces dedicated to the sale of this establishment which will soon become one of the symbols of this most famous street in the capital.

Pionera By allowing the books to be touched directly, without having to ask for them on a display, Casa del Libro has always made an effort, and continues to do so, so that the customer enjoys the best experience. We can therefore decide that the customer experience is the eje of the activity of Casa del Libro since 1923.

It housed the headquarters of La Revista de Occidente, led by José Ortega and Gasset, and was erected as a meeting point for great figures of the time, Federico García Lorca, Xavier Zubiri, Miguel de Unamuno or Ramón Gómez de la Serna between others. .

After the advent of democracy, and with the integration into Grupo Planeta, the 1992Casa del Libro broadened its horizons, and seeking greater proximity to readers embarked on new stories: in 1996 open your online store,, one of the first Spanish e-commerce dedicated to the world of books; y fr 2011 began its national expansion with the incorporation of the Bertrand chain libraries.

Chronology and hits Clave de su historia (1923-2023)

Currently, Casa del Libro already has 54 bookstores spread throughout the country: Andalusia (7), Aragón (2), Asturias (2), Baleares (1), Canarias (1), Cantabria (1), Castilla-La Mancha ( 1 ), Castile and León (3), Catalonia (9), Comunidad Valenciana (5), Extremadura (1), Galicia (2), La Rioja (1), Madrid (13), Murcia (2) and Basque Country ( 3 ).


March 29

With the words filling the space, and the guests participating in the writing of this chapter of this story that there is nothing else to begin, a commemorative event will be celebrated everywhere.

The event will have a universal character and will be the great start of a whole series of events and activities that will take place throughout the year.

March, 31st

book launch 100 years of Casa del Libro, Edited by Espasa, you will see the light there.

Featured by readers, books, and bookworms, and lavishly illustrated, this volume reviews the history of the Casa del Libro, fetches news, and includes, as in, lists of the most-read titles that have influenced the reading community over these 100 years.

Doing honor to the spirit of the house, this centenary is not a point and the end but the beginning of a new chapter, which will be written with the same illusion as the previous ones, and in which undoubtedly Casa de Libro will be strengthened as a meeting point for readers, authors, books, words, ink, imaginations…

May 26 to June 11

Coinciding with the celebration of the Feria del Libro in Madrid, an illustrative exhibition on the Centenary of the Casa del Libro will take place at the Eugenio Trías Municipal Public Library.

In addition to explaining the chronology, it will present a sample of objects and the best-selling books during those years.

In autumn, the exhibition will travel to other cities with the significant presence of the Casa del Libro, to give impetus to these 100 years of history.

A celebration for memory

Casa del Libro is a brand that has linked every reader to their book for 100 years. Stronger than ever in a world like today where personalization is key.

And to accompany this special celebration, a specific P capsule collection has been createdapeleria with the image of the centenary, which will be available in libraries and on

Book House, 100 years of reading together.

Download the press kit and accompanying photos here:

Casa del Libro libraries in Spain: Casa del Libro route and opening hours

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