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On this very special day, dedicated to global recognition of women’s historic struggle for equal rights and opportunities, we recommend great titles in which women play an important role, as well as others books to learn more about feminism.

But do you know where you have your roots today? Everything has its origins in the labor movement of the 20th century, when women began to organize and fight for their labor and political rights, which at the time were insignificant. In 1908, a group of courageous women demonstrated in New York to demand the improvement of their working conditions and the right to vote. This was followed by the idea of ​​devoting a day to working women, honoring their struggle and promoting equality, proposed in 1910 at the second international women’s conference.

From that moment he women’s day This has been an important step in which we claim a just and equal world for all, emphasizing the female gender for its serious commitment in the past.

Despite advances in the fight for gender equality, women still face many challenges around the world. This day reminds us that we must continue to work together to achieve a fairer and more equal world for all people, regardless of gender, and here we recommend ten books in which women have played an important role:

  1. mujercitas In Louisa May Alcott – Tells us the story of four sisters during the American Civil War and their struggle to find their place in the world.
  2. Pride and Prejudice In Jane Austen – This classic of English literature and follows the story of Elizabeth Bennet, who searches for her own personality despite society, while navigating through social expectations and her relationship with Señor Darcy.
  3. The house of spirits In Isabelle Allende – Follow three generations of women from the same family in Chile, and their fight against the dictatorship.
  4. The inhabited woman In Mona Lisa Belli – Tells us the story of a woman who falls in love with a guerrilla while fighting for the liberation of her country.
  5. big eyed women In Mastretta Angels – A collection of stories that feature strong, determined women in difficult situations.
  6. The woman’s journey In Simone de Beauvoir – A collection of three short novels that explore the lives of women in patriarchal society.
  7. Bernarda Alba’s house In Federico Garcia Lorca – This play follows the story of a dominating matriarch and her five daughters, and how they fight for their freedom in an oppressive society.
  8. Aunt Julia and the writer In Mario Vargas Llosa – This is the semi-autobiographical story of a young writer who falls in love with his aunt, an independent and strong woman.
  9. The story of the maid In Margaret Atwood – It presents us with a dystopian society in which women are forced to serve as sex slaves and women fighting for their freedom.
  10. zero point woman In Nawal El Saadawi – This novel tells the story of an Egyptian prostitute who decides to take charge of her life and her destiny.

We also have a compilation of books with a feminist message, which we learn to realize that overall it’s worth it and that the fight for rights is important:

  1. feminism for beginners In Nuria Varela – an introduction to the feminist movement.
  2. We should all be feminists In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – A brief and humorous essay on what it means to be a feminist in the 21st century.
  3. the second sex In Simone de Beauvoir – This book is a classic of feminist theory and explores the social construction of gender and its impact on women’s lives.
  4. own accommodation In Virginia Woolf – mix between narrative and essay of the realism of women’s lives.
  5. solo for women In Marilyn French – A group of women gradually go from simple wives and housewives to those of dueñas of their lives without meeting the expectations of traditional society.

Let us use this day to remember the historic struggle of women for equal rights and opportunities, as well as to highlight the challenges that women around the world still face. This is our call to action to be active allies in the fight for gender equality and the importance of women in society.


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