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start to read classics it can be intimidating if we are not used to it. Let’s just think that we will end up with slow stories, an overly complex vocabulary or very tangled plots. However, there are plenty of affordable options for everyone. Below, we bring you some tips to help you choose that classic primer to start with.

A classic according to your tastes

If you are romantic literature, it will be better if you choose one classic in el que el amor if the main theme, such as the soap operas of Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice O persuasion There are two great options to start with. On the contrary, if you read more detective or horror novels, you can start with the stories of Edgar Allan Poethe books of Agatha Christie O Arthur Conan Doyle. We recommend you among these last authors and no one is left y El sabueso de los Baskervilles.

If you love travel and history, the ideal option for you is travel chronicles. Those written by authors such as Virginia Woolf, Stefan Zweig y Emilie Pardo Bazan, are a valuable testimony to the first tourist trips made by Europeans. Virginia Woolf’s travels through Spain are recognized in Hacia el sur: Viajes por España by Virginia Woolf, A very curious book which shows us our country under the gaze of an English tourist of the 20th century. We also recommend At the foot of the Eiffel Towerbook that contains the travel chronicles that Emilia Pardo Bazán wrote during her stay in the French capital.

A classic adapted to the cinema

A good option to get into the classics is to choose one that has been adapted for film or television. Having seen the adaptation before helps us familiarize ourselves with the plot, differentiate the characters and better imagine the setting. Some of our favorite adaptations are mujercitas (2019), Emma (2020) y Wretched (2012). But be careful with these, because the book of Victor-Hugo It’s over 1,300 pages and unless you’re passionate about Fantine’s story, it might be too big a challenge to take on.

A classic of a few pages

If we are not sure we can read classics, trying it with a few pages can be an extra motivational boost, so we will avoid the book becoming boring or heavy. If you draw attention to Russian literature and your dream is to one day be able to read Crime and Punishment In Fyodor Dostoyevsky, sleepless night It’s a report by the same author which only has 128 pages and which will whet your appetite. Other options under 300 pages are Portrait of Dorian Gray In oscar savage y The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde In Robert L. Stevenson. Both are detective novels that hang together and read in a single sigh. On the contrary, mujercitas It’s not too long a book and it’s a tender and engaging story about four sisters and their transition to adulthood. The film is suitable for the whole family and there are adaptations of the book for all ages.

A modern adaptation or “to tell aboutof a classic.

The “narrative” of the classic books starts from the original story to build a new story using a different point of view or focusing on a concrete aspect of the plot. These are very popular books among young audiences and can be a good first step to reading the original classic in the future. Recently published Anger and Dawn In Renee Ahdieha narrative from the compilation of medieval tales known as Las mil y una noches. Just like in the original story, Renée Ahdieh’s book begins with a monstrous caliph who takes every night to marry a woman who at dawn is executed, until the day when a mysterious woman appears who volunteers to marry the Caliph and manages to survive by telling him a story at the same time. There are many similarities between the two versions, but the latter has the advantage of using much more reasonable language for the 21st century reader and which puts a refreshing spin on the medieval version. Other very popular storytelling options are The Song of Achilles In Madeleine Millerbased on this Iliad In Homer but focusing on the love between Achilles and Patroclus; O Lavinia In Ursula K. Le Guinwho tells the story Aeneid In Virgil from the perspective of the woman Eneas married. The latter is a perfect option for an adult audience interested in fantasy literature and feminism.

We hope that thanks to these recommendations the animals leave with the classics. You can find all of these titles in our stores and on the web.

Thanks for reading.

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