Cantaba Gardel: “To feel that you are a soplo la vida….”

Cantaba Gardel:

“To feel that es un soplo la vida

That twenty years non es nada….”

On December 21, 2002, Casa del Libro opened its doors for the first time in Gijón. Our sponsors, none other than Juan Cueto and this extraordinary writer that was Corín Tellado.

The place that housed a bank for years was now a bookstore. What a wonderful metamorphosis! The most beautiful stories, the most fascinating journeys, the achievements of human thought now replace balance sheets, accounts, mortgages and, in many cases, broken dreams.

Here began a journey that betrayed us until this moment when we celebrate 20 years of reading together, in this Cantabrian pearl that is Gijón. Like Ulises on his return to Ithaca, we have lived adventures, beaten storms, listened to sirens. We are already part of the memory of this city, because for our house the past has passed, and we continue to do so, several generations of readers. From “baby boomers” to “generation Y” or “millennials”. We have seen little children who look at our accounts now and at university, whom we greet with astonishment and the vertigo that the passage of the years gives. Happy to have been able to put it in your hands for the first time and this miracle that is the book.

In the year that Casa del Libro completes its first centenary of life, we are proud to be part of this family of bookmakers. Happy for these 20 years of active participation in this community that we form the Gijonnais and delighted to continue to open to our readers the doors of this Cabinet of Wonders that is our library.

Thanks for reading with us!

Fernando Mora

Director Casa Del Libro Gijon

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