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The Benefits of Ebooks: Why You Shouldn’t Read Paper Books It is now easier than ever to publish your own eBook  and reach a global audience. If you want to start  writing an eBook but don’t know where to start, this  blog post is for you. We’ll cover topics such as why  eBooks are a […]

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and the Goblet of Fire: Why You Should Read It Even Though It’s Not That Good There are two types of people in this world: those who have read all the Harry Potter books and those who haven’t. Of course, it’s a bit too late for the people who never start reading them, but it […]

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The Best Selling, Expert Approved Self-Help Books for Your Success If you’re looking for books to help you get ahead,  then this list of best-selling self-help books is  just what you need. Packed with advice, tips, and  insights from the world’s top experts on success,  these books are designed to help readers reach their  full […]

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3 Best Free Ebook Tools That Will Save You Time and Ensure the Success of Your Project However, if you’ve ever tried to do  so on your own, you know how time-consuming  it can be, not to mention confusing. You’ll  find that it takes some serious research and  learning on the platform of your choice […]

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Free Ebook Library: The Best Ebook Websites for Writers and Readers  Reading ebooks is a great way to read more while  also saving some money. Unlike traditional books,  you can carry around hundreds of books on your tablet  or phone, no matter where you are. This means you don’t  have to carry around heavy books […]

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Free Downloadable Ebook Template: Use It To Create Your Own Ebook In Less Than 5 Minutes  What is an ebook? An ebook is a digital book that can be read  on devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. They are different from traditional paper books  because you can download them electronically. Ebooks are  also […]

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How To Write An Ebook: The Process For Writing A Great Book, Step-by-Step Writing a book seems like an impossible task,  but it can be done! Here, are some tips to  help you write your own ebook in 14 easy steps.  First, start with a plan and sketch out the chapters.  Next, make sure your […]

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10 Reasons Why eTextbooks Are Better Than Printed Textbooks   Students always need to worry about the weight of their backpack.  eTextbooks are more lightweight than printed textbooks. They also  don’t take up as much space in the student’s bag. Students can easily  access their digital text books on their laptops or on their smartphones.  […]

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The Odyssey: A Spoiler-Free Overview of the Epic Journey of Odysseus The Odyssey is one of the oldest stories in  the history of Western literature. The story  follows Odysseus, a king returning home from the  Trojan War to his island kingdom of Ithaca. His  wife Penelope and son Telemachus must deal with  suitors that are […]

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How to Write a Book in 24 Hours: A Step-by-Step Guide for Busy People Who doesn’t want to write a book? It’s a dream for many people. But,  they have no idea where to start. They know that it will take months  and maybe years before they can finally hold the finished product in  their […]